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Preventive Maintenance

Why are maintenance agreements so important?

Performing this maintenance on your systems may seem like overkill, but it's crucial to your system. Having someone regularly check and service your units allows you to avoid common causes of break downs and diagnose potential problems before they begin. Regular maintenance also extends the life of your units, giving you more value for your investment and peace of mind that your units will work when you need them to and keep you and your family comfortable.

Regular maintenance will:

  • Increase efficiency & reduce energy bills
  • Quality, guarenteed service
  • Ensures a safe operation of your equipment
  • 10% off parts and system upgrades
  • Priority scheduling over customers who do not have an agreement
  • Up to $500 off system replacements during the contract period

What we do during a Performance Tune-Up:

Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps

  • Check and Replace (1) 1” Air Filter (1 Per Visit)

  • Check and Clean indoor and outdoor coils

  • Flush Condensate Drains and or Condensate Pump

  • Test & Inspect all electrical connections

  • Check refrigerant pressures

  • Check and test Thermostat operation and calibration

  • Check & inspect duct work

  • Test & inspect motors and circuit boards

  • Check system performance ace and temp. split

  • Inform customers of the equipment condition and recommend necessary repairs

Heating Oil Systems

  • Clean heating unit, flue pipe, chamber, and chimney base

  • Check and replace (1) 1” air filter (1 per visit)

  • Replace nozzle, oil filter, pump gasket, and strainer

  • Check and inspect motors, motor coupling, ignitor, end cone, chamber, thermostat, and hydronic components, if applicable

  • Check fuel tank and oil lines

  • Adjust fuel pressure and air settings

  • Start and adjust the burner and air settings

  • Test safety’s and perform combustion test

  • Inform customer of the equipment condition and recommend necessary repairs

Propane & Natural Gas Systems

  • Replace (1) 1” air filter (1 per visit)

  • Clean & check burners, heat exchanger, flue pipe, flame sensor, and ignitor

  • Check thermostat operation and calibration

  • Check & inspect blower motor, wheel, and capacitors

  • Check wiring connections and circuit boards

  • Test safety’s combustion and system operation

  • Lubricate motors and circulators

  • Check & inspect hydronic components, if applicable

  • Inform customer of equipment condition and recommend necessary repairs